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Exhibition at the XPO253 gallery


An enchanting, plant-based Spring Show at Aldo APRILE’s “XPO237” Hair Salon & Art Gallery

The world of art and beauty meet in a captivating fusion at my next painting exhibition, which will take place in the unique setting of a hair salon / art gallery. This event promises an offbeat visual and aesthetic experience, combining artistic expression with the chic ambience of a space dedicated to beauty.

As featured artist, Melanie Maquinay ARTiviste presents a collection of creations, exploring themes ranging from the natural to the abstract, capturing the essence of plant creativity and resilience through a vibrant color palette.

Each canvas tells a unique story, a fusion of artistic technique and emotional reflection.

ALDO’s hair salon, transformed into an ephemeral art gallery, offers visitors an immersive experience. Between haircuts and works of art, the atmosphere becomes a dialogue between capillary and pictorial creativity. Visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in an atmosphere where artistic expression challenges conventional boundaries.

The collaboration between the show’s passionate host and the artist creates a space where visual and physical aesthetics intertwine.

The exhibition will open on April 5, 2024 and run until June 5. The festive vernissage, an event not to be missed, will be the ideal opportunity for art lovers and friends to get together, exchanging ideas and a good aperitif around this creative symbiosis.

Don’t miss this opportunity to plunge into Mélanie’s artistic universe in the heart of a hair salon transformed into an ephemeral art gallery. Let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm of Aldo and his team!

Details : XPO253

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Exhibition at the XPO253 gallery