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Mélanie Maquinay, Artivist

Mélanie Maquinay is an idealistic artist with a passion for new experiences and travel.

After training as an artist (in painting, fashion design and visual media) and several stopovers between Kent (UK), San Francisco and Brussels, she worked for many years in audiovisual, web press, communications and cultural events. Numerous cultural projects carried out over 17 years between Brussels and Liège. Since 2018, refocused on her original passions: ART and CREATION have become her full-time profession and she offers you her many artistic services for individuals and businesses!


Mélanie focuses all her interior design and space planning services on highlighting art, upcycling (antique furniture, thrift shops) and planting for individuals, companies and events, including custom-made frescoes and wall textures. What drives him is art with a positive message and lasting values, and an aesthetic vision focused on objets d’art!

Her paintings and object creations come in a variety of decorative styles, based on illustrations of the plant world and color palettes. and the staging of human silhouettes, or the reproduction of geometric & colorful retro motifs. Eternally curious, she loves to learn all the time and try out different techniques, whether in painting or 3D creation. His favorite inspirational movements: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Cubism, Cobra and Pop Art. His artistic proposals are constantly evolving and are presented in a variety of media.


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With a small team, Mélanie also offers creative workshops and sessions for everyone (artistic team-building formulas, introductory art workshops and evenings, and art therapy sessions).

Her credos: to surround ourselves with art on a daily basis and give priority to a sense of aesthetics, while listening to our emotions and preserving our human values as much as possible.

Her passions: all projects that combine the visual arts, culture and human relations, all with respect for the environment! Creativity that can be applied to all media and in all circumstances.

A sense of aesthetics

Focusing on aesthetics while listening to our emotions


A Creative Vision of Art, Culture and Human Relations in Harmony with the Environment

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