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I’m drawn to the decorative arts and am fascinated by the abstract motifs created in the 40s/50s/60s and 70s to dress up everyday objects. Geometric, angular, curved, floral, stylized. With particular attention paid to the choice of their past color combinations, characteristic of vases, tables and antique curtains.

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This motif was inspired by the ceramic tables of the 1950s. Curves and returns, all dressed in retro colors, a little off, a little out of fashion. A cameo of colors inspired by design and interior decorating classics, especially vintage 50/60’s and 70’s collections. My drawing (original, created freehand) was engraved on canvas using a laser machine. It was then entirely and carefully hand-colored with a brush. The intermediate intervention of digital tools in the creative process was at the heart of my project. Human vs. machine? This use of laser engraving enabled me to produce a complete series of the same motif, with very different color ranges and personalities.
Année de création
Technique utilisée
Acrylics and pastels
on canvas (cotton & wood 2cm thick)
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