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Its history: this canvas is part of the “silhouettes” series, an abstract portrait in the spirit of the decorative arts, based on the human being, emotions and dreams. The paintings are made up of curves and traces of human forms. The characters are inspired by real human movement, to which imaginary lines and shades of color are added. Enigmatic and dreamlike, this series evokes an imaginary world in which humans, plants and objects merge. Abstract portraiture speaks to us of mankind, of our species in the broadest sense, of the trace that each of us leaves in the lives of others, on earth, in a community, a country, within society, the objects and possessions that remain of our passage, our emotional bonds and our energy, which have had an impact on others. We’re all just passing through, impacting the universe in different ways.

PRINT SUR DIBOND 60X90cm (disponible à l’hôtel Nhow Brussels ) : 300€ /// PRINT ON METAL 60X90cm available for sale @Hotel NHOW Brussels : 300€
“ALEX WHITE” is a portrait of my companion ALEX, his silhouette standing out amidst high-contrast black and white shapes, a sharp abstract composition, like his energetic, dualistic Gemini personality. ORIGINAL canvas available at APPENDIX Atelier Galerie: 700€.
Année de création
Technique utilisée
Acrylics and pastels
on 2D cotton canvas 2cm thick
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