At the start of 2024, I decided to boost my social networks and expose myself more and more! The short videos I publish daily show what goes on behind the scenes of my artistic creations and a few moments of life too… In evolution of course, I really want to improve the quality (with a better phone for example and better light!) The exercise of regularity on RS is a famous challenge for me and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing more images and action from me.

As an artist, you’re constantly producing images, content and project sketches. Without even realizing it, we produce content all day long. But DIFFUSING this artistic content is another story… Yet as a painter, you’re obliged to show your work as much as possible. Dare to show off, dare to make mistakes and share the stages of a project “in progress” and above all stay the course, remain productive whatever happens!

The aim of this video challenge is to share my daily life with all of you, to continue to show my work and experiments and, above all, to grow my community on the networks. I hope to inspire you to follow me on my artistic journey all year round! If you have an artistic project in mind, let’s talk about it. If you have any video suggestions, or creative techniques you’d like to see, please let me know!

To find all these videos, visit my FB page Melanie Maquinay Artiviste and my INSTA melaniemaquinay.artiviste

Let’s stay connected: a comment or a Like is always immensely gratifying!


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