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Your abstract portrait!

Discover the captivating art of “Tableau Familial”, a painting technique that transcends traditional portraits. This unique approach creates portraits of your family or couple through abstract silhouettes, offering an artistic fusion of the individual and the abstract.

The process begins by carefully outlining each family member, capturing details such as faces, hands, arms, feet and legs. These individual elements then combine to form a human puzzle, a visual composition that reflects the unity of your family or couple. The choice of colors is personalized, adapted to your personality and preferences.

This original family painting offers an artistic experience in which your portrait is presented in a unique and intriguing way. The abstract silhouettes give the work a contemporary aesthetic, while preserving the anonymity of the family members. Only those who know the details will recognize the silhouettes, transforming the painting into a piece of art full of mystery.

This innovative creation makes an extraordinary gift idea, whether for Valentine’s Day or to immortalize special family moments. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a work of art that goes beyond the conventional portrait, capturing the essence of your family unit in a way that’s both expressive and elegant. The “Tableau Familial” thus becomes a centerpiece of your space, a daily reminder of the love and connection that unite your family in an artistic and contemporary way.

To bring your abstract silhouette portrait to life, the process involves three significant encounters. First, an initial session where we’ll discuss the colors that resonate with your personality, followed by the first outline of your silhouette. The second session will focus on the finishing contours, ensuring a precise and artistic representation. Finally, at the third meeting, your painting will be delivered, completing the artistic process.

The cost of this unique artistic experience is around 700 euros, excluding delivery and initial consultation. All in all, budget around 900 to 1000 euros for a medium-sized painting (70 by 100 cm). However, flexibility is the name of the game, allowing you to choose the format that fits in perfectly with your interior, whether it’s a 40 by 60, a 70 by 100, a 100 by 100 square, or any other customized dimension.

Customization isn’t limited to dimensions, as colors are also adapted to your choices and your interior space. In this way, each painting becomes a unique work of art, a reflection of your personality and style. Creativity knows no bounds, and this bespoke artistic experience offers you the opportunity to have an abstract silhouette portrait that transcends artistic conventions, perfectly adapting to your preferences and environment.

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